SLIM, the National body of Marketing in Sri Lanka being our backbone, has the most trusted sources of information and action-driven professional insights. We don’t stop there. We also have developed a variety of other related services that will help you smooth sail your decisions in the right direction.

We aim to be at the forefront of decision-making and planning in the Sri Lankan marketing fraternity as a trusted source of information and insights. This is in line with SLIM’s ambition of supporting marketers to become future-ready and actively take part in building a knowledge economy.

Here is WHY marketers choose us:

Trustworthy insights and data

All our data and insights are gathered from the most trustworthy and credible resources.

Wide variety of sources

Being associated with SLIM which is also the apex body of Marketing in Sri Lanka, allows us to conduct research and gather insights through a wide range of sources.

More than just insights

Our services go beyond providing insights and consumer behavior as we focus to cover all grounds that it takes to make favorable decisions.

Types of research that we conduct;

We conduct these types of research to gather the required and most sought out information;

  1. Concept evaluation
  2. Advertising evaluation
  3. Product evaluation
  4. Product testing
  5. Campaign effectiveness
  6. Customer & employee satisfaction